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toTimeline works best for telling stories that have evolved over a period of time, such as recapping politicians' votes on an issue or showing an increase of violence in a region.

The tool is optimized for use on mobile devices. It has a fully responsive design that offers a vertical layout (as opposed to the more traditional timeline structure). It is also designed to be fast to load on low bandwidth connections.

Unlike most third-party embeddable tools that do not benefit an article's SEO, toTimeline is SEO-friendly. The content written on the timeline can be fully crawled by web search engines, helping publishers using the tool to increase their traffic from search.

Anyone can create a toTimeline visualization using ICFJ partner Pykih's ProtoGraph platform, which also houses toSocial, toQuiz and other storytelling tools. Email ICFJ Knight Program Manager Sara Olstad ( to get started.

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