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ICFJ Knight Fellow and digital entrepreneurship strategist Janine Warner is focused on promoting a greater diversity of online news outlets across Latin America, Spain and the U.S.

She is doing this through SembraMedia, a nonprofit online community she founded for digital media entrepreneurs to network, share resources, learn business and technical skills, and draw on the expertise of others who are facing similar challenges.

One of SembraMedia's core projects has been the creation of the largest seachable directory of digital media startups publishing in Spanish. After two years of extensive research, SembraMedia’s team has created a directory of more than 650 Spanish-language digital media outlets and projects.

To be included in the directory, news organizations must comply with SembraMedia’s criteria, which require that they produce original content in Spanish, are transparent about their owners and management, and are not solely dependent on the support of a government or corporations. The independent directory provides a resource for entrepreneurs, investors, foundations, academics and others interested in emerging digital-native news in the Latin American region. Warner and the SembraMedia team, which includes 20 contractors in 16 countries, continue to update and expand the directory. Spanish-speaking digital startups are encouraged to apply.

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