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Salama helps journalists and bloggers assess their risk level by asking the user a series of questions about their physical and online security practices. Users are then rated on a scale of 20 to 100, 20 indicating low risk and 100 meaning their risk level is extremely high. Based on these results, the app also provides immediate feedback on what they can do to improve their security. This includes links to online manuals, tutorials and other training material ICFJ Knight Fellow Jorge Luis Sierra has developed.

There is also a "Security Library" built into the app. This resource includes guides to help journalists mitigate a range of security issues, such as tips for creating secure passwords, protocols to keep in mind when reporting from dangerous zones and a list of tools for chat encryption. Salama is available in English, Spanish and Arabic.

Story About the Tool "Salama' app helps to keep journalists safe"
ICFJ Knight Fellow