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Is your doctor a quack? With Dodgy Doctors, patients in Kenya can check whether the medical practitioners they see are properly registered with local authorities using SMS. Users can also confirm whether or not a hospital or health facility is covered by the National Health Insurance and if the health facility is licensed.

Since it was developed in 2013 by Code for Africa technologists in partnership with The Star, use of the Dodgy Doctors tool has grown tenfold from an average 20 SMS requests daily to an average of 215. When stories are broken about fake doctors or questionable conduct by those in the health professions, the number of people using the tool spikes even higher. For example, within hours of the fake gynecologist story being broken, people rushed to the Dodgy Doctors platform to check on doctors. The number of SMS requests rose from 30 to 720 within the space of two days.

Story About the Tool "Dodgy Doctors tool claims new successes in Kenya"
ICFJ Knight Fellow
ICFJ Knight Fellow
ICFJ Knight Fellow